Our Mission
An all volunteer 501(c)3 rescue group in Georgia, the mission of Friends to the Forlorn is to promote responsible Pit Bull ownership, provide breed education, combat pet overpopulation, fight unfair legislation, and find qualified homes for sound Pit Bull dogs in Georgia and around the country.

About the Founder
My style of rescue is a little different than most. I rescue with my heart, and not with my pocket. I never wanted to start my own rescue—I did not want to deal with the bureaucracy that is usually associated with the industry. To this day, I do what I can for the dogs.

I am often asked why, of all the dog breeds, I chose to rescue Pit Bulls. The answer is simple. Nobody steps up for Pit Bulls…not even dog lovers. I chose a breed that I felt needed the most help. Most people, including dog lovers, avoid Pit Bulls. These dogs have such negative stigmas attached to them. I want to help open people’s eyes to the truth. The dogs deserve it.

The Pit Bull over population problem is out of control. I get hundreds of emails everyday of Pit Bulls in need of forever homes—from 2 week old puppies, to senior dogs, to those who were found abused or neglected. For me, the challenge doesn’t lie in rescuing, rehabilitating, and vetting these dogs. The problem I face is where to place the dogs once they are well enough to go to their forever homes? In my experience, mostly the wrong people are lining up to adopt Pit Bulls. Those who offer proper homes and who love the breed already have multiple dogs—many of these families have adopted 2 or 3 Pit Bulls from me already.

I do not believe that everyone should have a Pit Bull. In my opinion too many people shouldn’t have any dog at all, let alone a Pit Bull. Pit Bulls require a certain type of owner. And unfortunately, those owners are far and few between...

But with your help, we can start to spread the word about these wonderful companion animals and remove the unfair stigmas they have received. If more people give these dogs a second chance, we can make a huge impact and save lives in the process.

It starts with education. Spay and Neuter. Spread the word about the wonderful characteristics that make the Pit Bull a wonderful companion animal. Let’s keep the dogs out of the shelters. I believe the stats today are that 1 out of every 800 Pit Bulls makes it out of the pound alive. We need to reduce these numbers. Encourage everyone you know to rescue their next dog.

Our Supporters
I would like to thank everyone who has helped Friends To The Forlorn Pitbull Rescue Inc. Whether you pass along an email, donate items or $$$, foster a dog, visit a dog at the vet, or post a comment letting me know you appreciate what I do, your support has made a difference.

How You Can Help
Abandoned. Neglected. Abused. At Friends to the Forlorn, we have seen it all. But despite the misfortunes Pit Bulls have endured, our commitment to them remains steadfastly clear: to provide save, loving, nurturing forever homes for these dogs in need.

Through no fault of their own, our dogs found themselves in homeless situations. We are dedicated to making a positive difference in these dogs’ lives from the moment they enter program. Our goal is to help these animals in every way we can...emotionally, socially, physically…so that the transition onto their forever homes will be as smooth as possible. We strive to teach our dogs basic obedience and socialization skills, including proper leash manners and friendly house manners.

We have dozens of Pit Bulls waiting for a forever family, we thank you for your interest in improving the lives of this deserving breed. To find out more about our adoptable dogs, visit the ADOPT-A-BULL PAGE.

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Friends to the Forlorn is a registered 501(c)3.