The fun loving, spunky and affectionate attitude of the Pit Bull Terrier is what most admirers come to love best about these dogs.

"To know them is to love them." Pit Bulls are impressively loyal, bold and courageous animals. They are natually clownish, alert and intelligent ... in other words, a whole lot of fun to have around! Many participate and excel in various dog sports and activities, including Obedience Trials, Search and Rescue work, Agility Trials, Flyball and Frisbee Competitions, and Weight Pulling events. With their tenacious work drive and strong desire to please their owners, they are natural competitors and win impressive titles wherever they're worked.

The soft side of the breed shows up in their gushing affection for humans - a desirable trait that was very important to the original breeders of this animal and remains so today. For this reason, many Pit Bulls work as Certified Therapy Dogs in hospitals and nursing homes.

Breed Information
The American "Pit Bull" Terrier was bred for game purposes; both bull baiting and hog hunting, as well as the more widely known pit fighting. In mentioning the gameness of the breed, it is not meant to tag him as a fighting machine, nor is it the intent to praise this trait. The origin of the gameness is important in understanding the breed, the requirements for owning the breed, and why it is crucial that the Pit Bull be placed into homes that will not abuse the origin of the breed. The Pit Bull has an unprecedented origin of being game. However, these dogs were NEVER bred to be human aggressive, and quite contrary to many beliefs, they make excellent family pets for the right individuals. As to character, the Pit Bull is an unsurpassable companion, one of undeniable loyalty and intelligence. These dogs are docile, and with a little training are even tractable around other dogs. They are intelligent and make excellent guardians, though the Pit Bull is much too people-friendly to be considered a guard dog. They are territorial with regards to other dogs, and favor a dominant position in the home. They easily discriminate between strangers who mean well and those who do not, a unique and useful trait.

The real Pit Bull obtains its characteristics, such as indomitable courage, high intelligence, and loyalty, from the past history of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. This is a breed that is willing to please by any means possible, which is undoubtedly the reason they have been used for centuries in the pits. The Pit Bull is a breed that will easily accept and adjust to changes, resulting from their love of people. These dogs are docile, agile, independent, and strong-minded. These qualities, coupled with its affection for humans, and children in particular, its off-duty quietness and trustworthy stability, makes it a foremost all-purpose family dog if researched properly and your lifestyle allows it. Pit Bulls adore attention, and are suited for indoor homes. Outdoor homes are not recommended with this breed, as they have come to be the number one target! for [dog] theft. As with any breed, consideration needs to be taken to make sure that this breed is one that will fit your lifestyle, and that you can offer what this breed needs in a responsible family.

I'm Just a Pit Bull
by Jason M. Flatt, Founder, Friends to the Forlorn

A scowl genetically embedded on my face, as I didn't come from the greatest place.
I was born out of brutality and cruelty. Any act of kindness towards me would be something completely new to me.
I never win the popularity contest, as I am not liked by many. When they handed out chances, I never received any.
I always walk alone, but not by choice, I cant even plead my case, as I have no voice.
The jury is out before my trial even begins. I have become a storage facility that is full of humanity's sins.
My friends are sentenced to death without committing a crime..The hurt and the pain that is inflicted on me is overlooked all the time.
I have been racially profiled because of my breed... Fought to the death for other peoples greed.
I have viewed much of my life on chains, or behind bars... You cant even see my smile, because its been hidden by scars.
You read horrific stories of all my heinous acts... the press exploits me without knowing all the facts.
My neck has grown heavy with your weights and your chains...I have been fed nothing but torture, and I have absorbed all the pain.
My life can be compared to that of slavery... Is this the path that society has made for me?
I am resilient by nature and I have way too much pride... That's why it is rare to see someone like me ever cry.
What I really want is to be by your side. I'm loyal to you forever, or at least until I die.
What few of you know is how emotional I can be. All I want is to be part of your family.
I am not saying that all of us are perfect or great. Humans come in both and good and bad, so you should be able to relate.
I don't want to be beaten down any longer... you need to make laws to protect me, much stronger.
Don’t stand there and let this happen one more day. The cruelty I am subjected to, is not OK.
I know it will take time and your schedule is full. Why would you want to try and help me???

I'm just a Pit Bull.

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